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Almost all Desi Indian Cow and Buffalo milk has A2 protein

Amul managing director Rupinder Singh Sodhi said "More Indians now prefer buffalo milk over cow milk with many farmers opting to engage in buffalo milk production, and nearly all of this milk comprises the A2 protein"

So don't worry that Indian milk comprises less healthy A1 protein.

He also added that " Be assured that in India what you are drinking is A2 milk as all buffalo and indigenous cow milk is 100 per cent A2 milk. All HF (Holstein-Friesian) crossbred cows produce 50 per cent A2 milk and 50 per cent A1 milk. So 90 per cent of milk in India is A2 milk”

He also mentioned that "the premium on A2 milk is just “marketing genius” without additional “health or nutritious benefit”.

In India, all the milk collected from desi cows and buffalo's has almost all the A2 nutrients.

We at Swachh make sure to good quality milk from Desi Cows and Buffalos. We feed our animals with care and assure you that the milk obtained is more nutritious.



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