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Plant-based Milk vs Cow/Buffalo Milk?

Plant-based milks are made by grinding a bean, seeds or nut, then adding water, artificial flavours, vitamins and minerals. The amount of sugar and nutrients in plant-based milk varies depending on how it is produced and what has been added during production.

Now a days, these plant-based milks are becoming popular because some people are choosing it who are allergic or intolerant to milk like lactose intolerance, protein allergies.

Most plant-based milks are very low in protein and other vital nutrients, this is a matter of concern for children and some elder people. Some people also prefer it for the taste and the wide variety of available flavours.

As Plant-based milks are manufactured by grinding a bean or nut and can have a variety of additives in them. Be careful with them as some of these plant-based drinks fall into the category of sweetened beverages depending on their composition. So this may also lead to excess sugar intake into the body.

Some plant-based milks have as much fat as Cow/Buffalo’s milk. But the big difference is the protein content in the milk. The quality of plant protein generally is not as high as animal protein. Cow/Buffalo’s milk has more of the building block proteins that humans need in their diet.

The nutrients in Cow/Buffalo's milk like calcium, protein, potassium and riboflavin are consistent naturally, but the amount of fat varies from no fat, low-fat and full-fat.

So choose wisely based on nutrition facts and try to incorporate Cow/Buffalo's into their diet. In Hyderabad city, we have lot of Natural Animal Milk options.

We at Swachh make sure to get good quality milk from Desi Cows and Buffalos. We feed our animals with care and assure you that the milk obtained is more nutritious.



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